In 2023, we’ve granted $200,000 to youth-led First Nations movements. First Nations young people (aged 16-35 years) applied for grants (from $2,000 to $50,000) to support core funding for existing or new campaigns, movements and projects across four impact areas:

  • Truthtelling and storytelling
  • Decolonising and re-Indigenising
  • Building and strengthening movements, campaigns and global solidarity
  • Facilitating vision creation.

The successful applicants were decided by a panel of our First Nations Governance Group against the selection criteria.

Every grant is for a project self-determined and run by young First Nations people, with cultural governance and accountability. If the funds are being auspiced by a non-Indigenous organisation, there is a commitment by that organisation for accountability on this.

We’re excited to share that the following First Nations young people received funding offers for their projects for 2023:

Round 1 Recipients