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Partnering with you to co-design the systems and services of the future.


What is YLab?

YLab is a co-design and consulting social enterprise that was imagined by FYA in 2016 to equip young people with the skills and networks to design a better future. Our work is driven by young people, not for them.

We’re a team of young people from diverse lived experiences and disciplines who collaborate with clients, partners and communities to tackle some of society’s most complex problems. We have a community of 70 YLab Associates who have diverse lived experience and technical expertise. They intimately understand the problems we’re trying to solve because they’re challenges they face in their own lives.

YLab has a dedicated First Nations practice area, where young First Nations people connect with clients, communities and Elders to shape systems that centre First Nations people, cultures and solutions.

“YLab puts diverse young minds at the centre of its work and our communities helping to shift the prism of possibilities to inspire change.”

The Huddle: Meet Me in the Middle Project