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Movement Network

FYA’s Movement Network will support 10 youth-led organisations and movements to work together across difference, unleash collective power and create new futures.


Applications have closed for Movement Network.

If you have questions, you can email them to Anisha Senaratne at or book in time to chat via zoom or phone here.

What is the Movement Network?

Young campaigners, community organisers and creatives are calling for a world where we put people and planet over profit, where everyone has the chance to build a fulfilling and joyful life and where our shores, seas and skies are protected. 

FYA’s Movement Network is building a community of practice and care for young people working across First Nations, disability, climate, economic, racial and LGBTQIA+ justice and liberation.

Through in-person gatherings, online workshops, peer learning and knowledge sharing, your organisation becomes part of a community that encourages collective problem solving, ideating, pooling resources and having each other’s back. 

What are the benefits?

Movement Network members will have access to:

  • Two all-expenses paid gatherings in March and October 2023
  • The first gathering is from Wed 15 March – Sat 18 March 2023, at Commonground on Taungurung Country. It will be centered on dreaming a shared culture and vision for the Movement Network, grounded in First Nations knowledge and values (facilitated by Murri Matters). It will prioritise relationship building with other leaders from youth movements, cultivating joy and rest as resistance.
  • Regular webinars and workshops led by local and global organisers, activists, healers and creatives – open to anyone from your movement or organisation. 
  • Mutual aid and peer learning spaces to problem solve, ideate and share knowledge with other leaders from youth movements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the Movement Network?

We’re looking for 7-10 youth-led organisations or collectives to be part of the Movement Network. 

Organisations/collectives must:

  • Have a focus on one or more of the following issue areas: First Nations, disability, climate, economic, LGBTQIA+, racial justice. 
  • Have lived experience and expertise in one or more of the issue focus areas. 
  • Be led by people under 35. 

Each organisation or collective will nominate two representatives to take part in the Movement Network gatherings. We are looking for people who are:

  • In senior leadership positions that hold decision-making power in their organisations
  • Open-minded, willing to learn and shift ways of thinking 
  • Reflective and collaborative 
  • Willing to move at the pace of trust and loving relationships

The webinars and workshops will be open to other members of your movement. 

Does my movement or collective need to be registered as a charity or company in order to join? 

No! Whether you’re part of an established NGO or a grassroots community group, we’d love to hear from you.  We’re less concerned about the structure of your collective or community and you don’t need to be registered as a legal entity to apply. We are looking for people who are connected, and accountable, to communities, and working to transform the future.

What’s involved in being part of the Movement Network?

  • Two of your senior staff members or volunteers will attend two all expenses paid in-person gatherings in March and October 2023 
  • Access to a range of webinars and worktops that you, or others from your organisation or movement, can attend including:
    • How to imagine and embody new futures
    • How to build and shift power for people and planet
    • How to centre healing in social movement work
    • How to navigate conflict in a healthy and generative way
    • How to build a world without punishments and prisons
    • How to decolonise ourselves, our movements and world
    • How to weave creativity and play into our movement work
    • How to develop strategies that nurture love for place, people and planet
  • Access to online peer learning, support and reflection sessions and spaces 

The potential of the Movement Network rests in a shared willingness to build reciprocal relationships of mutual aid, support, knowledge sharing and trust. Many of our movements face similar challenges and opportunities but aren’t able to make time to connect. 

Some of the ways the Movement Network can support cross-movement collaboration and connection: 

  • Peer learning sessions where movement leaders share valuable campaign lessons or impactful organisational practices 
  • Cross-movement trainings with experts from a range of fields 
  • Facilitated sharing of successful policies and practices 
  • Drop-in facilitated sessions for ideating, problem solving and reflection 

The main thing to know is that we will work with you around your capacity. We know how busy you are doing the important work that you do and our role is to back you and amplify your collective power. 

What is happening at the first gathering?

The first gathering will take place from Wed 15 March – Sat 18 March, 2023.  The focus of this gathering is on building strong and trusting relationships and laying the foundations of our shared values and culture.

The gathering will be co-facilitated by Murri Matters, who will run a process called Engoori

What inclusion and accessibility support will be provided to attend the gatherings and online spaces?

We work to make all our events as accessible to as many people as possible. If you have any access requirements not covered below, please email Anisha Senaratne (she/her) at or book in time to chat via zoom or phone here.

Accessibility at the venues

All of our gatherings are held at wheelchair accessible venues. 

Auslan interpreters and captioning

Auslan interpreters can be provided for gatherings. Our webinars will also be captioned – either with live captioners or auto-generated captions. 

Single and all gender bathrooms

We will have single and all gender bathrooms at our events to cater to the wonderful cultural and gender diversity that exists in our community. 

Covering costs for gatherings

All travel, accommodation and meals are covered by FYA. We will also cover childcare, support workers, companion animal care and lost wages (e.g. if you are a volunteer and have to cancel any shift work to attend the event). 


How will you ensure gatherings are COVID safe?

Prior to gatherings FYA will send a welcome pack to all participants which will include Rapid-Antigen-Tests and N-95 face masks. 

To be able to attend any in person event with FYA participants must: 

  • Be well, and not present with cold or flu-like symptoms
  • Not be waiting on COVID-19 test results
  • Not have been in close contact with someone who has confirmed COVID-19, until receiving a negative COVID-19 test result
  • Have a negative RAT test within 24 hours of attending the gathering


How will Movement Network members be selected?

A selection panel made up of FYA staff will be responsible for reviewing all of the applications.

We are especially interested in working with young people with diverse lived experiences of systemic injustice e.g. First Nations, Black, Indigenous, migrants of colour and refugees, disabled, LGBTQIA+, young parents, young people who live in rural and regional areas, young people with lived experience of the justice system, foster care or mental health system as well as folks who come from low-income backgrounds. 

We are interested in ensuring the overall cohort is diverse in lived experience and issue area focus.

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or want more information about the Movement Network you can get in touch with Anisha Senaratne (she/her) at or book in time to chat via zoom or phone here.