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Student Representative Councils

Inspired by the power of student-led movements worldwide, the SRC program will support students to build their representation and advocate for change on the issues that matter to them in their schools - and beyond.

What is a Student Representative Council?

Student Representative Councils (SRC) are groups of young people elected by their peers to represent students within the school in decisions about challenges and opportunities they face.

We will work with young people, Governments, schools and to launch SRCs across the country. With no state or territory SRCs outside of Victoria, thousands of students are missing the opportunities to create their own policy agenda and strive for change in their schools, the education system, and their local communities.

This project is inspired by student-led movements worldwide, particularly the Victorian Student Representative Council (VicSRC) – an independent student-led organisation that represents school students across Victoria. VicSRC stands with and for students to elevate their voices to be heard and its vision is education that’s flexible, relevant and includes all students in all decisions.

In 2022, we’re teaming up with the South Australian Commissioner for Children and Young People and the National Indigenous Youth Education Coalition to launch an SRC across SA.

Representatives will meet and connect with decision makers, sharing student perspectives, and beginning to influence change.

What will participants get out of it?

Participants will:

  • Be a strong voice on the issues that matter in school and beyond 
  • Connect and collaborate with other like-minded young people
  • Work collaboratively with their school community to create change 
  • Be inspired to lead responses to social, economic and environmental issues.