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Young Mayors

Inspired by successful programs overseas, Young Mayors will support young people to get elected to local councils across the country.

What is Young Mayors?

We’re kick starting this program across five local councils – backing young people who want to take an active role in their local community. 

Elected by their peers, young cabinet members will work together to define priority action areas.

Together, the youth cabinet will serve a 12-24 month term working with their council to implement projects and events and influence decisions that impact their community. 

Thousands of people aged 11-18 across the world have taken part to elect young people to these cabinets. The programs have ensured that council policies and programs better reflect the concerns, needs, and desires of local young people.

The Young Mayors Program is being delivered in partnership with the University of Melbourne’s Melbourne Centre for Cities.

What will participants get out of it?

As part of this program, participants will:

  • Be supported with a fund to deliver projects and campaigns linked to their priority action areas in their local communities 
  • Join a network of youth cabinet members across the country, with opportunities to connect with other young mayors around the world 
  • Have the opportunity to be mentored by some of Australia’s leading campaigners, journalists, and public officials who will share their experiences and knowledge

This program will help councils:

  • Foster civic identity at a young age, leading to greater participation in the democratic process and more engaged citizens
  • Increase young peoples’ participation in council-run programs through a responsive, peer and user-driven model of youth representation
  • Build understanding among elected members, local government employees and their wider partners of the issues that affect young people, as well as their needs and opinions, leading to better informed decisions 
  • Strengthen local accountability, teaching young people how to hold governments accountable to their constituents