Young man wearing a navy jumper looking toward the camera, his hand raised to emphasise a point he is making in conversation. He is talking to someone out of the camera's line of sight.

But the potential of young people isn’t even recognised, or respected, let alone empowered.

Our economy isn’t built to support them. Governments aren’t built to listen to them. Organisations and institutions aren’t built to back them to create change, their way. That’s where we come in.

We exist to back young people.

We back them to remove barriers by creating and scaling projects where individual young people are put in decision-making and leadership positions. We back them to design solutions, including them as equal partners in the design of systems and services.

We back them to create change, by building the strength and sustainability of youth-led movements to progress and win campaigns. We back First Nations young people and their communities to work towards self-determined First Nations justice.

Young woman with black and green hair looking at the camera with her arms crossed in front of her in a strong pose.

Our independence makes us different.

We are a dynamic 40+ person team based in Melbourne, Sydney, and across the country. We’re strategists and advocates, facilitators and trainers, researchers, capacity-builders and consultants. We’re putting our experiences, skills and networks to work backing young people to transform the future.

We’re investing in you

Over the next three years we’re investing $12m in young people and their campaigns. And, through our partners, we’re planning to raise a total of $106m for young people by 2031. 

We’re excited to see young changemakers become stronger and more impactful than ever before.