Laniyuk – Protect Lee Point


Lee Point is a site of sacred Larrakia law, Dreaming, history and cultural significance that faces imminent threat from Defence Housing Australia’s plans to construct 800 houses for the military and the privatisation of Aboriginal land. In response, an ongoing campaign, led by both Larrakia and non-Larrakia people, has led to Defence Housing Australia pausing the site’s destruction until March 31, 2024.

The Seeding Strengths grant will enable the implementation of a comprehensive campaign strategy, leveraging collaboration with Larrakia youth, Elders, and local Aboriginal artists. This initiative aims not only to resist the irreversible demolition but also to document vital cultural and historical knowledge through archival footage. The footage, intended exclusively for the Larrakia community, will also be used in social media videos featuring interviews with Larrakia youth and Elders, directing viewers to a Larrakia-led petition to Protect Lee Point. This multifaceted approach will amplify Larrakia voices in the fight to protect their lands while preserving cultural heritage and spiritual connections threatened by the impending desecration of Larrakia Land.

“Our videos and campaign actions will also amplify the voices of Larrakia people in our efforts to protect our lands while also recording our history and spiritual connection to Binybara – a lush and healthy bushland of sacred significance that may be desecrated within a matter of months, severing our cultural connection and ancestral access. We will capture processes of Elders ‘handing down’ cultural knowledges of hunting grounds, weaving, medicinal materials, instrument and tool creation specific to Binybara to the younger generation. Longer term – we’re working towards land back.”

Laniyuk (she/her), 32 years, Larrakia, Kungarakan and Gurindji