About Us

As the only national independent non-profit organisation dedicated to all young people in Australia, our role is to provide the tools and connections that equip them to change their world.

As an organisation, we are relentlessly optimistic about young Australians, finding and backing young people from every corner of the country and collaborating with partners to deliver innovative programs embedded in evidence based research.

Together, with young people, we want to influence and shape education and career pathways, transform worldviews and lead communities in innovative ways.

Together, we want to change the world.

FYA has a rich and diverse history of partnering with individuals, organisations and schools across Australia.

Originating in 1999 through a partnership between The Queen’s Trust and the Australian Youth Foundation, FYA was originally tasked with increasing opportunities and access for young people with disadvantaged backgrounds. In 2008 an alliance was formed with the Education Foundation, (founded by Ellen Koshland) with the aim of developing and delivering education programs, community engagement and research to Australian students. This partnership was the result of a bold aspiration shared by the two boards and established FYA as the pre-eminent advocate for young Australians.

In 2010 Jan Owen AM become the CEO of FYA and changed things up, developing a five year strategy that drew on all our past knowledge, wisdom and experience with young people.

FYA is a Company Limited by Guarantee and is governed by an elected Board of Directors who oversee our policy, direction and governance. The governance of FYA is further supported by the Investment and Audit & Risk Sub-Committees. For more information, please see the Board Terms of Reference and Governance Policy.

Board of directors

  • Robert Milliner, Chairman
  • Peter Williams, Treasurer
  • Marita Cheng
  • Tim Kenworthy
  • Kathe Kirby
  • Danita Lowes
  • Tony Mackay
  • Dr. Jenny Proimos
  • Ruchir Punjabi

Investment committee members

  • Peter Williams, Chairman
  • Andrew Goddard
  • Ken Liow
  • Peter Meurer
  • Jon Buckeridge
  • Geoff Cohen

Audit committee members

  • David Colliver, Chairman
  • Peter Williams
  • Danita Lowes
  • Ruchir Punjabi
  • Daniel Langelaan


All current Directors, as well as some past Directors of FYA and its predecessor organisations, are Members and have the right to vote on matters at the Annual General Meeting.


  • FYA is grateful for the patronage of:
  • Mr Bill Conn
  • Mr Brian Burdekin AO
  • Mr Brad Lancken
  • Mr John Ralph AC

FYA is relentlessly optimistic about young people and their capacity and capability to envision and create the nation and the world in which they want to live and work. Our mission is to create change with generations of young Australians.

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