Looking to the skies:
A constellation of dreams from Collective Imagining

The vision, values and creations of dreamers have been woven into a Zine are the manifestations and articulations of the 12-month long journey of Dreamers from Collective Imagining.

Young people from all walks of life came together to share their love for our planet and futures, informed by varied lineages of resistance and histories. They learnt from one another, informed each other’s strategies for change, deepened their understandings on topics outside of their realms of experience and importantly embodied the knowledge that they are not alone in the work that they are doing.

Throughout this zine, we have included insights and lessons for hosting and facilitating dreamy and imaginative spaces as informed by the young people and youth workers of Collective Imagining. We share these reflections for the purpose of learning together and we encourage you to take what works, leave what doesn’t and build a practice tailored to you and your community.

Everywhere around the world new seeds of possibility are being planted and tended to by people who crave and believe in healing futures. This zine is offered to you as an invitation to dream our futures together.

This Zine was co-created by the Dreamers and curated and edited by Laniyuk and Laurā O’Connell Rapira. It was designed by Emma Ismawi and powered by the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA), The Body Shop and DonkeyWheel Trust.