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Step Up! Application Form

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*You need to be 18-28 years old to take part in this program.
*We ask because we find it important to work with young people in different locations across Victoria.
*This helps us understand the best way to address each other and respects the wonderful gender diversity in our community. If you'd prefer not to write your pronouns, you can write "prefer only being referred to as my name". Examples of pronouns are (but are not limited to) they/them; they/her; they/him, she/her, he/him.

*Please only share what you feel comfortable with. This question is optional. We ask because we prioritise backing young people with lived experiences of systemic injustice as we believe they hold the key to transforming those systems. Particularly First Nations people, LGBTQIA+ people, disabled people, women and non-binary people, low-income communities and people of colour. After the application process, this information will be de-identified and securely stored. When we no longer need your information, we will securely destroy it.

Application questions

*Note: This is the most important part of the application. We don’t care about the quality or creativity of the video - just speak to the camera like we’re in the room having a conversation with you. We are looking for answers that are close to your heart, that tell us about who you are and what you've experienced in your life. We always prefer one or two issues rather than a long list.
Max. file size: 64 MB.

This isn’t essential to participating in the program, but will help us tailor the program content accordingly.