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Collective Imagining

What kind of future do you imagine? FYA’s Collective Imagining project is imagining a powerful vision for 2050.

Why Collective Imagining?

Right now we are existing in someone else’s vision. 

Our communities are bearing the brunt of an economic and political system that puts profit above people and the planet. For most of us, the intersecting housing, mental health, inequality, and climate crises are impossible to ignore.

But the systems that shape our lives are ours to create, and ours to change. It’s time for us to dream up something better, and collectively paint a picture of the future we want. 

That’s where Collective Imagining comes in – bringing together 60 dreamers between 16-25 years old to co-create a bold, aspirational vision for 2050 and to use the power of movements to turn that dream into reality.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn from experienced campaigners, creatives and community organisers as we weave our vision and strategy together to build a more beautiful future.

What will happen if I get involved?

Collective Imagining is inspired by ActionStation Aotearoa. Whether you consider yourself a fully fledged activist or have never been to a protest this program will fire you up to make real and lasting change.

Dreamers will learn from poets, activists and movement builders to:

  • Learn about how movements get started and succeed: from Black Lives Matter and LandBack to the School Strikes 4 Climate campaigns
  • Understand what power is, who has it and how to build it (*Hint: power is key to successful movements)
  • Tap into your imagination to create a vision with other young people
  • Develop your facilitation skills and host your own event or workshop with other young people (we’ll give you the $ to make this happen)
  • Build your skills in campaign planning and organising – to turn that vision into a reality.

Does it matter if I haven’t attended the first gathering?

Not at all! The dreamers who attended the first gathering know that we are recruiting for more people to join and them and are excited to welcome you into our community. Our coaches can also catch you up on all of the content you missed via Zoom workshops, phone chats and with our learning resources.

When will the program happen?

The second gathering will take place on Thursday 1 – Sunday 4 December. The venue is yet to be locked in, but we will update this page once confirmed.

All travel, accommodation and meals are covered by FYA. We will also cover childcare, companion animal care and lost wages. 

Should I register?

You can apply to join the Collective Imagining if:

  • You’re hungry for change and want to make your voice heard
  • You’ll be 16-28 years old in December 2022

We are especially interested in working with young people with diverse lived experiences of systemic injustice e.g. First Nations, migrants of colour and refugees, disabled, LGBTQIA+, young parents, young people who live in rural and regional areas and folks who come from low-income backgrounds.

Applications have closed. If you have questions, you can email them through to Laura O’Connell-Rapira at

Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about what's involved in the program.

The first Collective Imagining gathering was held  from Friday 27 May – Sunday 29 May. Participants were split into two groups to learn key skills in imagining the future through speculative fiction, poetry and storytelling.

The gathering was held at YMCA Anglesea Recreation Camp.

The dreamers who attended that gathering are now designing and coordinating their own Collective Imagining events with other young people. Each young person is provided with a small grant of $500 as well as coaching and support to host their own workshops.

Now we’re looking for 40 more young dreamers to join our movement. We’ll back you to organise or attend a workshop to dream about the future and then we’ll pay for all of your expenses to attend our next gathering from Thursday 1 – Sunday 4 December. There you’ll join forces with other young people from across the continent to dream and weave a plan to bring a new future into being.

What inclusion and accessibility support will be provided?

We work to make all our events as accessible to as many people as possible. If you have any access requirements not covered below, please email Laura O’Connell Rapira (they/she/ia) at or book in time to chat via zoom or phone here.

Accessibility at the venues

All our gatherings are held at wheelchair accessible venues.

Auslan Interpreters

Auslan Interpreters can be provided for gatherings. 

Single and all gender neutral bathrooms

We will have single and all gender bathrooms and showers to cater to the wonderful cultural and gender diversity that exists in our community.

Covering costs

All travel, accommodation and meals are covered by FYA. We will also cover childcare, support workers, companion animal care and lost wages (e.g. if you have to cancel any shift work to attend the event). 

How will you ensure this program is COVID safe?

Prior to gatherings FYA will send a welcome pack to all participants which will include Rapid-Antigen-Tests and N-95 face masks. 

To be able to attend any in person event with FYA participants must: 

  • Be well, and not present with cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Not be waiting on COVID-19 test results.
  • Not have been in close contact with someone who has confirmed COVID-19, until receiving a negative COVID-19 test result
  • Not be directed to isolate by the public health authorities e.g. recently returned travelers or people who have been in hot spots
  • Have a negative RAT test within 24 hours of attending the gathering

Developing COVID-19 symptoms during the gatherings

If you develop any symptoms of COVID-19 during the gatherings, you need to immediately let trainers and mentors know. Symptoms include fever, sore throat, cough, shortness of breath and loss or change in sense of smell or taste.

If you do develop symptoms during the gatherings we will need to ask you to put on a face mask, isolate you at the venue and we will arrange for you to be safely transported back home, where you’ll need to get a COVID test. You’ll only be able to attend the program again after receiving a negative test result.

General tips and tricks for being COVIDSafe at Collective Imagining:

  • Check-in at the venues by scanning the QR codes
  • Hand sanitizer will be available, sanitize and wash your hands frequently.
  • Ask permission before hugging or touching people, respect people if they want to keep 1.5m distance.
  • Don’t share drink bottles or drinking cups
  • Use a facemask when social distancing can’t be maintained, if you want

Who can I contact for more information?

If you have questions or want more information about Collective Imagining you can email them through to Laura O’Connell-Rapira (they/she/ia) at book in a time to chat via zoom or phone here.

How will participants be chosen for Collective Imagining?

A selection panel made up of FYA staff will be responsible for reviewing all of the applications.

We are especially interested in working with young people with diverse lived experiences of systemic injustice e.g. First Nations, migrants of colour and refugees, disabled, LGBTQIA+, young parents, young people who live in rural and regional areas, young people with lived experience of the justice system, foster care or mental health system as well as folks who come from low-income backgrounds.

How is the program funded?

The Body Shop has generously donated to this project. The money they’ve gifted will be used to deliver grants and provide travel and training scholarships  to dreamers. Donkeywheel Trust has also given money to this project for the purposes of understanding how we can facilitate important conversations about the future at scale.

I’m interested in supporting Collective Imagining. How can I help?

We’re always on the look-out for donors who want to support Collective Imagining in the future to remain free. If this is you, please contact our partnerships team at 

If you are a skilled strategist, storyteller, campaigner or community organiser then we’d love to have you share your expertise by leading a workshop for our students. If you are a slam poet, rapper, writer, singer or designer who uses their artistic talents to change the world then we’d love to work with you. We’d also love to hear from teachers, youth workers and educators about how we can make our sessions as interactive and engaging as possible. Get in touch with