Movement Network Social Stipend Form

As a supporter of young Australians, the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) is pleased to be able to provide a grant of $50 / person excl. GST to enable the Movement Network Social Stipends program. The objectives of the social stipend is to:

  • Strengthen relationships between Movement Network members
  • Create casual, informal spaces for conversations and connecting
  • Encourage Movement Network members to self organise

Each state will be allocated an amount of $50 / person to gather as a group and spend it together. Where needed, there may be flexibility to add a bit more of a budget to connect, particularly where travel or access requirements need to be taken into account.

What you decide to do together, and when you decide to meet is up to you to figure out collectively! Grants are available until the 14th of November (ie the Movement Network gathering).

FYA will pay the grant by electronic funds transfer to your nominated bank account. Please fill in your details below so that we can pay you in a timely manner:


Frequently asked questions

Where can I spend the money?

This is relatively open, as long as its an opportunity to connect with each other, but some options are:

  • Meals at a restaurant together 
  • Groceries to cook a meal together at a shared location
  • Activities e.g., 
    • Escape room
    • Bowling
    • Karaoke
    • Peer-led Crafting art-based activity

You will not be able to use the funds to buy alcohol or drugs.

Funds must be spent by 14 November 2023, and can’t be used for activities that are unlawful, take place overseas, or promote or oppose a political party or candidate as part of an election.

What if I can’t attend any of the in-person social gatherings?

We know it can be really tricky for a large group to be at the same place at the same time, so we are also hoping to host some casual online spaces to connect before meeting again at the November gathering. 

The dates for these are not yet confirmed, but we plan to host at least 2 x virtual / zoom sessions as group check-ins in September. Movement Network members will be notified via email and Slack about these.