COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for young Australians. FYA has developed a COVID-19 Youth Response Fund, designed to back new and existing initiatives that are responding to the urgent needs of young people at this time; and to those that are using this period of uncertainty to influence the systems that cause injustice and inequality.


Applications Closed


Ensuring the continuity, quality and viability of education at primary, high school and tertiary levels.


Ensuring young people have access to sufficient financial resources and/or employment to sustain their basic living needs. 

Domestic Violence

Ensuring young people are not exposed to environments where they are at risk of experiencing domestic violence.  

Mental Health

Ensuring young people have access to the essential communities, services and support networks to maintain a positive mental state through this period. 

Basic Living Needs

Ensuring young people, particularly those from remote Indigenous communities, have access to basic living necessities such as food, health care and housing.


Ensuring any potential negative impacts on the environment following the virus, such as increased consumerism or investment in fossil fuels, are minimised and negated.


Ensuring young people that identify as being part of a minority do not experience discrimination and do not disproportionately suffer as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Round one closed

Opens: 10am Monday 4th May, 2020
Closes: 12pm Friday 15th May, 2020
Recipients to be notified and funding distributed by the end of May.

Round Two closed

Opens: 10am Monday 1st June, 2020
Closes: 12pm Friday 12th June, 2020
Recipients to be notified and funding distributed by late June.