We ask for some personal details in this form. These are collected for the purpose of capturing your consent for photos taken at Collective Imagining. 

Still unsure? Want more info? Reach out to FYA Communications Director, Shona at shona.mcpherson@fya.org.au or 0410 293 844.

How and where will these photos (and our personal info be stored and used)?

The photos we took will be made available on FYA’s website and social media platforms and shared with an extended online community. If you’d like access to these photos just let us know.

The personal information collected in this form will be stored and used in accordance with our privacy policy, which you can read about on our website here

Our ethical storytelling guidelines inform the way we share stories and content. You’re in charge of how we use your image – if there’s anything in the future we want to do with the content that’s outside our original agreement we’ll check in with you beforehand.  

What are you asking me to consent to?

Individual photography

Anyone and everyone (or a legally authorised representative) FYA interviews, photographs or films must give their free, enthusiastic, and informed consent for us to do so. 

We are asking if you are comfortable with us using your photo in content as part of Collective Imagining.

If an individual doesn’t want their image used they absolutely don’t have to provide consent. 

Before publishing any interviews, photographs or films all staff must share the content for approval with the participant.

Large groups and events

When filming or photographing people in public spaces or at large events, consent is not legally required from people whose faces are close up and/or are clearly visible and identifiable. 

However, wherever possible, FYA aims to seek informed consent from the group by either sharing this information prior, posting signage at events to alert people that we will be filming / taking photos and asking those who don’t wish to be filmed or photographed to let us know. If it’s not possible to inform all participants prior to capture, we seek to do so prior to publication. 

What if I don’t want to be involved?

If you’re not keen to take part, no worries at all, this is 100% optional to participate in. Please set the appropriate response in the form.