About the session

Mutual aid has long been used by communities across the globe to shift power to people under oppressive systems that are failing to meet community needs. In this 90 minute discussion, community organiser Idil Ali will lead a conversation about the impact of mutual aid in social change work, building community solidarity and connection and deepening our commitment to each other.

Our panel includes: 

  • Anne-lise Ah-fat (she/her), a community organiser and mother of two, she is also part of IRL mutual aid, a grassroots collective of people in the community who believe people released from prison deserve support, safety and dignity.
  • Reem Yehdego (she/her), a community organiser and co-founder of ‘Kids From The Block’  a collective effort that provided care, resources, and mutual aid to children and young people in the flats who were overlooked amidst the dire emergency of the Victorian Hard Lockdown in 2020.
  • Madeline Frohlich (she/her), a writer, geographer, and arts worker and  a longstanding member of the Food Angels Mutual Aid fund,  a network assembled in late 2020 to support queers in crisis and build community skills in mutual aid.

Guiding the conversation is our esteemed facilitator, Idil Ali (she/her) – a visionary in community engagement and mutual support.