Missing: Young People in Australian News Media

Launched as part of Media Literacy Week, this report hopes to start a conversation about how we can improve youth representation in the media — and how in return the media can improve young people’s trust and engagement with mainstream media. 

Missing: Young People in the Australian News Media outlines how the media can work with young people to improve their representation, proposing five key recommendations:

1. Proactively collect data on youth voice and representation in media coverage; 

2. Improve youth representation in the media by including quotes and case studies of young people, particularly if they are mentioned in the headline;

3. Use intermediary organisations, who can provide fast and reliable access to a diverse range of young people for inclusion in stories;

4. Employ young people in newsrooms to provide greater youth representation. Reimagine cadetships and paid internship opportunities for young people in a post-COVID-19 world; and

5. Start a conversation with FYA about making the media more representative of young people’s voice, and continuing this research.



Media Release