Ep. 2 | So I Heard VET Is Just For Trades


So I Heard VET Is Just For Trades


In Episode 2, we take a look at the wide variety of career pathways that can start with VET—some may even surprise you! On top of the technical skills required to land a job, we also take a look at the role enterprise skills have to play. Developing these skills can help your resume to stand out from the pile and contribute to long term job success.

So I Heard is a series centred around the experiences of graduates, careers counsellors, TAFE teachers and other industry professionals involved in all areas of Vocational Education and Training. The world of work is changing and taking on VET is one way to put your best foot forward. We’re here to debunk some myths and highlight the opportunities that VET pathways can provide.

Want to learn more?

Download a Vocational Education and Training Toolkit to guide career conversations with young people you know. We’ve pulled together all the information, resources and activities you might need to help you along the way—one tailored for parents and one designed for educators, employers and industry.

FYA has partnered with the Federal Department of Education and Training to highlight the opportunities in Vocational Education for young Australians navigating the world of work. The So I Heard series explores just some of the many options out there.

Want to build real skills for real careers?

There are lots of opportunities out there for people taking up VET pathways. The My Skills website gives you everything you need to know about different options available, including courses, apprenticeships and traineeships.