Job Jumpstart | Part 3: You Got This!


You Got This!


Whether you’re in high school, finishing up a course or certificate, or simply thinking about what’s next, this three part video series from Job Jumpstart is here to help you take the next step.

Part three of the Job Jumpstart video series is all about surviving the job market. It can be a scary ocean to swim in if you’re not used to navigating these waters, especially if you feel like you’re drowning in waves of rejection. But don’t panic! You got this.

Lucky for you we’ve got a few life rafts (hot tips) to help you stay afloat…

  • Always be prepared. We know it can be hard to keep going when an application has been rejected or you’re just hearing crickets. But stay sharp and be prepared just in case you get a call for an interview tomorrow or even today! You never know when a job opportunity may arise, so brush up on some common interview questions and answers.
  • Look for opportunities and support. Opportunities to get help on your job hunt are everywhere. Try talking to your friends, family, previous colleagues, a careers counsellor or get insights from employers you might want to work for.
  • Seek out people in the know. You could ask an expert in the industry or someone you know who has worked in a similar role for advice. Seeking advice from employers, career advisers and attend networking events, are also good options.
  • Stay positive. Absolutely everyone gets knocked back a few times before landing a role that is a great fit. As long as you keep moving forward, things should improve. Don’t forget: you are not alone!
  • Remember… You got this!


FYA has teamed up with the Department of Jobs and Small Business to support young Australians searching for jobs. The Job Jumpstart website provides information and resources to help young people build their employability skills and develop an understanding of career pathways.

Want to learn more?

Head over to the Job Jumpstart website and check out the awesome collection of tools and resources designed to help you kickstart your career and get you ready for the world of work.