How To Package Your Skills For Employers


How To Package Your Skills For Employers

How to Adult: The Pro-Fesh Edition | Episode 1

How To Adult: The Pro-Fesh Edition is your go-to series for practical tips on entering the workforce like a pro. Not sure what to do on the first day of your new gig? Want to find yourself a sweet mentor? Or nail the art of networking? Think you’ve got skills but not sure how to talk about them? We’ve got the answers.

How do I get my CV to the top of the pile? What do I say when they ask me if I work well with others? Knowing how to sell yourself to a future employer can be pretty confusing. But it doesn’t have to be.

Episode 1 of  How To Adult: The Pro-Fesh Edition teaches you everything you need to know to talk about your skills so you can land your dream gig. Or, at least, the gig you’re dreaming of right now.

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Getting you the best tips on how to be job ready and nail it as you start out in your career is pretty darn important. So we’ve collaborated with our mates at Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand who kindly sponsored us so we could bring How to Adult: The Pro-Fesh Edition to life.

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Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand aren't all about numbers and figures. They think helping young people become the next generation of business leaders is super important. Visit their website and sign up to become a Student Affiliate for all things mentoring, resume building and interview tips in business and finance.

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