How To Make Sense Of Government

How To Make Sense Of Government

How to Adult: Episode 3

How To Adult is your go to series for all your adulting needs. We all know that adult life is complex and sometimes you just need someone to break it down for you. Well, that us.

What are the different levels of government? Is voting compulsory? Can I get a guarantee there will be a sausage sizzle at the polling booth? All legit questions. 

In this episode of How to Adult we answer all your questions related to voting and government, who does what and whether or not you can set up a meeting with the PM. 

Hot Tips

1. Australia has three levels of government; Local, State and Federal and they do different things

2. Voting is compulsory in all Federal and State Elections in Australia. It is also compulsory for Local Elections in some states and territories. If you’re on the electoral role and you don’t vote, you’ll cop a fine

3. You have a right to be informed about the policies you’re voting on