Ep. 2 | The Web Developer


The Web Developer


Jarrad was sure he was destined to be a teacher. During his high school work placements, he spent some time at a primary school and then at a graphic design firm. Impressed with his design skills, Jarrad’s supervisor offered him an apprenticeship.

Despite never considering a career in design before, Jarrad discovered this was something he wanted to pursue. With stellar grades, Jarrad completed qualifications in Graphic Design and Web Development and was recognised by the Australian Training Awards for his work. He’s now running a successful design firm in Sydney and teaching Web Development and Graphic Design at TAFE.

The How I Got The Job series shows young Australians talking about how Vocational Education and Training (VET) helped them to find direction and achieve success in a field they’re passionate about. There are a lot of misconceptions about VET. Yet, through this series we learnt these pathways help build real skills for real careers and open up a variety of employment opportunities across lots of different industries.


FYA partnered with the Federal Department of Education and Training to highlight the real stories behind young Australians navigating the world of work, especially those taking up VET pathways. The series shows just some of the many different options out there.

Want to build real skills for real careers?

There are lots of opportunities out there for people taking up VET pathways. The My Skills website gives you everything you need to know about different options available, including courses, apprenticeships and traineeships.