Worlds of Work Evaluation

Improving young Australians’ transition from school to work


Worlds of Work (WOW) is a national initiative that supports young people to make successful transitions to work and life beyond school. The program enhances their understanding of the changing world of work, builds their capacities and confidence to participate in the workplace, and cultivates skills for lifelong career development.

WOW forms part of the four priority areas identified in Unlimited Potential to:

  • educate and equip young people with enterprising skills
  • invest in young Australian social and business entrepreneurship
  • turbocharge young people’s connections with Asia
  • back young people to contribute to and lead change

This evaluation report is presented in three sections. The introduction describes the WOW program. The second section summarises research on the changing world of work, what young people need for successful transition, and the opportunities provided by careers education initiatives. The third section demonstrates that WOW helps young people develop the skills, experience and networks needed for successful transition.