Young Social Pioneers

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Young Social Pioneers backs young people changing systems.

It’s our cornerstone initiative supporting young people who are leading responses to the most pressing social and environmental challenges of our time.

Young Social Pioneers is open to Australians aged 18 to 29 years who are using their influence, platform or initiative to change the world. Young people from all backgrounds, cultures, religions, locations and walks of life are encouraged to apply.

Sound like you? Applications for the 2018 program are now open until June 1, 2018.


Amplify Your Impact

Young Social Pioneers is a doorway to a powerful community of changemakers and experts that will back and elevate young innovators as they address issues they care about.

The systems that comprise the world we live in continue to deliver unequal opportunities, rights and agency for those who are confronted with challenge and adversity in their lives.

There is a movement of young people in Australia who are changing this reality. They are reshaping and recreating institutions (cultural, social and economic) to not just address the symptoms of inequality, but the fundamental causes of it.

They are designing more equitable, inclusive and sustainable ways of doing business; inventively advocating for fairer government and corporate policy; and finding new ways to empower communities and individuals so that they may determine their own pathways and futures. We invite you to join them.

Funding Opportunities
Participants will have the opportunity to pitch for one of nine $10,000 grants.
Access to a Community
Access to a community of other young changemakers who will collaborate with and support you.
Fully Funded Placements
Participation in the program is entirely free for participants, including the cost of flights and accommodation if needed.
Sound like you?
Apply now for the 2018 Young Social Pioneers program.

Get started early to ensure you have enough time to thoughtfully complete the application. Applications close June 1, 2018.

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