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Young people are going to have 17 jobs in their lifetime. Or so the research says. That’s a lot of job applications, and a whole bunch of awkward first days at work.

Our research also shows that young people who have a more immersive careers learning experience have better success in navigating the changing world of work post school. FYA’s Worlds of Work (WOW), delivered by teachers in the classroom, links student learning with real-world experiences – and voila! Career exploration. New skills. Industry knowledge. Greater confidence. It’s basically a whole new world.

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What is WOW?

​WOW is a ​FREE ​national initiative that equips young people with the enterprise skills and careers management skills to be prepared for the future of work.

Tailored for students in Years 8-10, WOW activities facilitate meaningful career-linked experiences that aim to answer the question ‘What does it take to succeed in life and work?’

So far WOW ​has ​inspired more than 10,000 secondary students to create better future pathways. 

 Everything WOW has to offer

  • A FREE online, interactive resource
  • Available in a downloadable format
  • Flexible so the content can adapt to your school setting and/or classroom
  • ​Designed to engage communities beyond the classroom to help young people for the future
  • ​Mapped to the AusVELS and National curriculum
  • ​Can be taught independently or as a comprehensive program


Students will:
Gain insight into the current and future rapidly changing world of work

Develop an understanding of themselves in the context of work

Learn and explore the use of transferable (enterprise) skills

Understand the value of networks in navigating career information and pathways
Teachers will be able to:
Deliver a careers program at junior/middle secondary school level

Seek to engage with parents, local community and workplaces to support careers learning
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WOW is available as an online, interactive course that can be accessed by students on their computers. Teachers can manage their classes through the platform and track students’ work as they progress through the modules.

Would you rather complete the program offline and with a set of modules you can print? No worries, we’ve got that covered for you as well.

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WOW Program Overview

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