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Career pathways are more complex than ever before, and students aren’t being properly prepared. Research shows us that one in four young people don’t feel their education prepared them with the right skills for the workforce. 

We must bridge the gap between the education and employment sectors to better prepare students for the world of work. 

One solution? School-industry partnerships!

We’ve co-designed three toolkits to help you build a school-industry partnership that can smooth the transition from education to work for the young people in your life. If you’re an educator, an employer, a parent, carer or guardian, these resources are for you.

What is a school-industry partnership?

A school-industry partnership is a relationship between a school (or schools) and a business (or businesses) where everyone commits to working together to provide students with real-world industry exposure in their career education. 

Why do we need school-industry partnerships? 

School-industry partnerships can provide young people the opportunity to develop their enterprise and career management skills, improve their networks upon leaving school and have a better understanding of career pathways into the new world of work. 

Students who participate in industry supported career education can experience improvements in attainment, school attendance, and enrolment in tertiary education

How can the toolkits help? 

The toolkits guide a ‘partnership champion’ through the necessary steps to building a strong school-industry partnership. By using worksheets and templates, they can review, establish, develop, design, maintain and grow a school-industry partnership. It also helps the partnership champion to evaluate any current or future partnerships they have, so they can be sure they are delivering the best industry supported career education for their students!


Discover which free resource is for you:
The Educator Toolkit
Includes six modules to help you, the partnership champion, build a strong partnership (or partnerships!) with an industry in your area. By building a school-industry partnership, your students will get real-life exposure to the world of work and give them the skills and networks to confidently make the transition from education to work.
The Industry Toolkit
Want to know how you can create a future ready workforce? Giving a young person exposure to your workplace creates a pipeline of confident, trained and skilled workers, ready to take on any role. The Industry Toolkit gives you all you need to know about setting up a partnership with your local school or schools.
Parent, Carers and Guardians Toolkit
This information booklet has practical tips on how to help support a school-industry partnership in your child’s school, or how to be the partnership champion of your own workplace.
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Help build a school-industry partnership that can smooth the transition from education to work for the young people in your life.
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Create a future ready workforce by partnering with a school to give a young person exposure to your workplace.
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These resources are brought to you under the National Career Education Strategy