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What could your students do with $20?
The answer might surprise you!

$20 Boss is an immersive entrepreneurship program for secondary school students. Students are provided $20 of start-up capital to create, launch and operate their venture over the course of a school term.

Teachers are supported through a comprehensive toolkit that enables end-to-end delivery in the classroom, and student engagement through a dynamic cloud based platform. Even better- all materials are aligned to the Australian Curriculum.

Developed by FYA – the $20 Boss program is the largest entrepreneurship program in Australia. In just three years – over 30,000 students across Australia from over 500 secondary schools have participated.

Join the entrepreneurial evolution!


What is $20 Boss?

$20 Boss is a program designed to equip young people with enterprise skills such as project management, financial literacy, teamwork, communication, digital literacy, problem solving, critical thinking and global citizenship.

Students receive $20 of start-up money to create their own business over a school term. They develop a business concept and run their venture for a month, with the aim to create profit. At the end of business trading participants pay back the $20 with a $1 legacy donation (like interest) and have the choice to donate any profit to the school or a charity of their choice, or retain a portion for themselves to invest in the continuation of their business.

Years 8 - 10
The program is primarily delivered in Years 8 - 10, however can be adapted to suit any learning needs.
Bringing the curriculum to life
Designed to make life easier for teachers and support them to bring the curriculum to life. It can be delivered both through an online platform, or through traditional class based activities.
2018 Awards
$20 Boss participants will be acknowledged and celebrated at the premiere youth social change awards - Unleashed!

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2018 Award Winners
Meet the winners from the 2018 awards.

Award Winners

Want In?
Express your interest to access the $20 Boss resources online or offline in 2019!

$20 Boss is available as an online, interactive program that can be accessed by students on their computers. Teachers can manage their classes through the platform and track students’ work as they progress through the modules. Would you rather complete the program offline and with a set of modules you can print? No worries, we’ve got that covered for you as well.



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