$20 Boss

Australia’s education system is focussed on scores not skills. As a result, not all young people are developing the skills they need for now and the future. How can we better prepare them?

$20 Boss is a free-to-access program that provides $20 of real money to build a business and a tangible way of supporting students to learn, identify and talk about the skills they’re building. Through $20 Boss we flip the focus by challenging students to solve a real problem and help them better understand their relationship with money.

Developed in consultation with students and educators, the $20 Boss program is the largest entrepreneurship program in Australia. Access the resources today and join the 50,000 students from 700 schools across Australia that have participated in the program since 2015.

We‘re excited to now offer two versions of the $20 Boss Teacher Toolkit! Find out more here.

$20 Boss Award Nominations for 2020 are now open!

Every year we recognise the achievements young people have made through their participation in the $20 Boss program.


Why should your school take part in $20 Boss?

$20 Boss provides primary and secondary educators with the tools and frameworks to facilitate important enterprise learning. The world of work is changing and schools need to prepare students by creating opportunities to build valuable skills like financial literacy, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

By 2030, all jobs across all sectors are going to look different. Automation, globalisation and more flexible working arrangements are rapidly reshaping our economy and workforce. In this future world of work, young people are predicted to have 17 different jobs over 5 careers in their lifetimes.

To ensure young Australians are equipped with the enterprise skills and career management capabilities needed to thrive in the new work order, there is an urgent need for early intervention in schools. While Australia’s education system has many strengths, we believe that more needs to be done to ensure all young people have the opportunity to build these important skills.

Read FYA’s New Work Order Reports: www.fya.org.au/our-research.

Mapped to the Australian Curriculum
$20 Boss has been designed to fit seamlessly into the Australian Curriculum and is mapped against general capabilities and relevant learning areas for years 5-10 and VCAL.
Skills-driven learning
$20 Boss puts the development of enterprise skills like critical and creative thinking, teamwork and entrepreneurship at the forefront of learning.
Two teacher toolkits available
A full teacher toolkit and a lite teacher toolkit are now available for delivery. The same learner journey is embedded across both resources.


$20 Boss Award Winners 2019
Check out the winners of the 2019 National and State and Territory $20 Boss Awards!


$20 Boss Award Winners 2018
Meet the winners of the 2018 $20 Boss awards! Take a look at the awesome businesses created by students.


Want In?
What could your students do with $20? The answer might surprise you!


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Check out the $20 Boss FAQs
$20 Boss FAQs

Why $20 Boss?

2019 Evaluation Snapshot
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