Alumni Honour Roll

Unleashed Award Winners

Meet the previous Award winners.


Waleed Aly
Champion of Change Award – Winner

Paul Kooperman, Field Trip
Trailblazer Award – Winner

Mercedes Page, Young Australians in International Affairs
Culture Connect Award – Winner

Joshua Gilbert, Tractor Talks
Local Legend Award – Winner

Claudia Martha, Westside Pasifika
Local Legend Award – Highly Commended

Sophie Teller, Wheatbelt Local
Local Legend Award – Highly Commended



Jake Miller-Randle, Engage Education
New Wave Award – Winner

Jessie Hughes, VR Film with Global Bright Light Foundation
New Wave Award – Highly Commended

Jacqui Stark, hconnect
Jumpstart Award – Winner

Kimberly La, Cloud 9
Jumpstart Award – Highly Commended

Bridie Ritchie, Sprout Ventures
Gamechanger Award – Winner

Katharine Brown, Young Liberty for Law Reform
Gamechanger Award – Highly Commended



Sarah Coull,
Jumpstart Award – Highly Commended

Caleb Maru, Aware Project – Alice Springs Town Council Action Group
Jumpstart Award – Winner

William Fong, Australian-China Emerging Leaders Summit and the Australia China Youth Association
SBS Asia Connect Award – Highly Commended

Mirai Kirsanovs, Asia Options
SBS Asia Connect Award – Winner

Anna Jane Linke, Seaside Scavage
La Trobe University Local Legend Award – Highly Commended



Nicholas Steepe, LGBTI Rep Dubbo Council
La Trobe University Local Legend Award – Winner

Thomas Crosbie, 
Gamechanger 12 – 18 Award – Winner

Edda Arnadottir Hamar, Undress Runways
Gamechanger 19- 29 Award – Winner

Rosie and Lucy Thomas, Project Rockit
Trailblazer Award – Winner



Jamarley Willet,
Gamechanger Award – Winner

Kaitlin and Aaron Tait, Spark* International
Trailblazer Award – Winner

Jessica Barlow, Dear Holly
Made in Vic Award – Winner



Ror Akot,
Made in Vic Award – Winner

The Verb, The Verb
Crowdpower Award – Winner


Jordan O’Reilly, Fighting Chance
Changemaker of the Year Award – Winner

Mariah Kennedy, Reaching Out: Messages of Hope
Bright Spark (13-18) Award – Winner

Paniora Nukunuku,Volunteer with Salvation Army, OzHarvest, Canterbury Youth Council
Amplifier Award – Winner




Chris Raine, Hello Sunday Morning
Youth-led Initiative of the Year Award – Winner

Anna Rose + Amanda McKenzie, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)
Trailblazer Award – Winner


Unleashed Awards 2017

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