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Strategic Thinking

Ever thought to yourself - wow this thing is so perfect? Often the final product might seem simple, but a lot of thinking and planning goes into making it that way. For us, strategic thinking means putting the people who will use or benefit from your project first. Keep it simple and persist.

What is design thinking?

Guide by Daylight

What even is design thinking? Don’t look at us. Look at this very informative video instead.

Sarah A Soule: How design thinking can help social entrepreneurs

Article by Insights By Stanford Business

So how can design thinking help me? Read all about it here. Plus how to keep in mind important things like people and prototyping. It’s even tailored to social entrepreneurs. That’s you! Field guide to human centred design

Tool by Design Kit

Do you want to design your idea around both people AND social change? Thought so. This toolkit is a great place to start. Plus they’ve got loads more resources that might be handy to check out while you’re there.

Analyzing community problems

Tool by Community Toolbox

Problems. You’ll have them. Sometimes you won’t know exactly what they are. This toolkit will help you identify problems and potential problems within your project so you can go forth and solve them.

Addressing social determinants of health and development

Tool by Community Toolbox

You might have a pretty good understanding of the health problem your idea addresses. But you know what would make that better? Solid evidence to support your theory! This toolbox is a great starting point for research and stats on problems that impact people’s health.

Prototyping framework

Guide by Nesta

Prototyping is a way of working with an idea in the early stages to test and improve it before committing too many resources. This handy guidebook will show you how to do just that.

Prototyping suggestions: prototyping guide

Guide by SCIL

From the get-go you’ve got a pretty good understanding of your very excellent idea. But how do you convey that to someone else? Check out this guide for some suggestions.

Bill Gross: Why startups succeed

Guide by TED Talk

What makes for a successful start up? Here’s a TED Talk someone else prepared earlier.

Simon Griffiths: The business of doing good

Guide by The Compass

Who gives a crap? Simon Griffiths, that’s who. The founder of Who Gives a Crap shares some insights from his journey to becoming a social entrepreneur.

Value proposition canvas

Tool by Strategyzer

This video shows you how to use a handy tool called the value proposition canvas. Essentially it helps you to understand the value you are providing to customers or clients.

Theory of change: introduction

Guide by DIY

This resource will talk you through the theory of change. Sounds full on, but really it’s just a way of asking yourself, why does your project matter? And how will your initiative make a difference?

Finding the golden thread: a new guide to articulating program logic

Guide by Social Ventures Australia

Program logic is really just another way of talking about the theory of change. It’s a way of finding the golden thread linking the cause and effect that brings about the difference your project will create. This article will help you do just that.

Critical tasks list

Tool by DIY

Looks like you’ve got yourself a project. So let’s manage it! Here’s a canvas to help you identify and track critical tasks that need to happen so your project moves forward.

Project management

Tool by Global Changemakers

There’s more than one way to skin a cat… is a pretty gross visual but an apt way of saying there’s lots of ways to go about managing your project. Here’s one of many available project management tools. This one is created by other young changemakers!