Our Policy Work

FYA’s Advocacy work backs young people to tackle injustice and transform the future.

Our Policy Work focuses on partnering with youth-led campaigns to advocate for fairer laws and policies, and building young people’s power in shaping our society for the better. Read some of our policy work below. 


Social Services Amendment Bill – June 2021

Online job services that work for young people

FYA and the Tomorrow Movement highlighted the move to online job services has a number of risks for job seekers, and there needs to be adequate protections in place to ensure they are not adversely affected by this shift.

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Social Security Amendment Bill – March 2021

A Liveable income for all 

FYA and the Tomorrow Movement highlighted the proposed rates of JobSeeker and Youth Allowance are below the poverty line, that young people are entering a difficult labour market post COVID-19 and we need effective and sustainable job creation to address un/underemployment and the climate crisis.

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Fair Work Amendment Bill – February 2021

Secure, safe and meaningful work for young people

FYA, the Tomorrow Movement and the Young Workers Centre raised concerns with the Australian Government’s proposed changes to the Fair Work Act that would re-define casual employment, undermine the Better Off Overall Test, take away overtime for part-time workers and leave young people exposed to wage theft.

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Media Diversity – December 2020

Putting young people in the national conversation

FYA surveyed young people and drew on our Missing: Young People in Australian News Media report to highlight barriers to young people’s representation in Australian news and addressing misinformation which undermines young people’s trust in media and democracy in our submission to the Australian Senate’s media diversity inquiry.

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Victorian Youth Strategy – December 2020

Centring young people in Victoria’s future

FYA and YLab put forward different mechanisms for the Victorian Government to meaningfully engage with young people in making policy in their new whole-of-Government Youth Strategy due for release in 2021.

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