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The New Work Order Masterclass Series

Whether you’re working in education, business, not-for-profit, or government, FYA’s research shows the future of work will affect us all and at every stage young people will be a part of this change.

At the New Work Order Masterclass you will:

  • Gain a deeper knowledge of the skills and mindset current and future workers need to thrive
  • Learn how to better engage young workers
  • Co-design solutions to challenges in education, training and industry
  • Form long-lasting professional networks across industry, education and government

We’ll explore practical ways to integrate the New Work Order research into your daily work with young people, case studies, real life examples of the rapid changes in Australia’s labour market, and the role education, industry, not-for-profits and government have to play.

With our unique insights on engaging young people face-to-face and online, the Masterclass is an opportunity to deep-dive into FYA’s research and explore how to apply the learnings to existing curriculum, in educational spaces, in policy making and professional industries, and put them into practice with all young Australians.

Tickets on sale now!

Sydney | 7 March        Melbourne | 14 March

“With the rapidly changing nature of work, it can be overwhelming to think about preparing young people for a future of unknowns.” — Education Consultant


“The workshops were my favourite part of the day. I got to hear ideas from others and share experiences outside of my industry.” — Participant