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Strategic Thinking

Ever thought to yourself - wow this thing is so perfect? Often the final product might seem simple, but a lot of thinking and planning goes into making it that way. For us, strategic thinking means putting the people who will use or benefit from your project first. Keep it simple and persist.
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Business Acumen

Scared of the term ‘business’? We were, and we shouldn’t have been and neither should you. It's a fair guess that at some point in time you've handled money and spoken to someone other than yourself. Business acumen pretty much means doing just that - talking to people, and finding and spending money. Easy.
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Bootstrap Your Brand

Ever find yourself talking about something but don't know where you heard it first? This is usually thanks to a strong brand. Having a strong brand and a clear story will make you stick out from the crowd. Like a purple cow…
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Measure Your Impact

Strategy is about putting people first. A strategy doesn’t mean much if it doesn’t end up positively impacting people - that’s why we’re here right?! Knowing how to measure this so you can tell people of your success AND learn what could be better is the real gold.
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