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Viv Benjamin

Future Chaser

Viv has a laugh. Not just any laugh. An infectious, rolling around and over you, generous laugh. It belies her fierce determination and piercing clarity of purpose. I have rarely seen someone so young so beloved by her team and followers. All 100,000 of them. Viv is supremely articulate about the cause for which she fights. She has unwavering belief in the ability of herself and others to create change. Viv is distinctive in her compassion, fierceness and humility. A powerful combination in an exceptional young woman.

Viv Benjamin is CEO of Oaktree and Co-Chair of Make Poverty History. Oaktree is Australia’s first and largest youth-led anti-poverty organisation, with over 100,000 volunteer members. Make Poverty History is a coalition of seventy major non-profit organisations campaigning to fight global poverty.

Viv’s passion for social change took flight as a teenager, when she helped create the Make Poverty History Concert in 2006 featuring Bono at Melbourne’s Sidney Myer Music Bowl. She created and directed the Make Poverty History Road Trips which helped secure billions of dollars to tackle global poverty.

Viv has completed a double degree in Law and International Politics from Monash University.