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Samah Hadid

Future Chaser

Samah is fearless. She is intellectually, emotionally and spiritually driven to fight injustice. Not just talk about it over dinner, as so many of us do, but to step up, show up and do something. Samah is currently in Cairo, Egypt, fighting for human rights. And watching her young friends and colleagues around her being arrested for protesting against daily human rights violations and sexual violence against women. It’s an unimaginable world for most of us in Australia. I have deep admiration for Samah’s humanity, and enormous respect for her courage and strength. Stay safe, Samah.

Samah Hadid is a human rights and social justice campaigner and an advocacy specialist. She has completed a fellowship with the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and advised international organisations and national governments on human rights issues, development policy and conflict resolution. Her advisory roles include working with UNESCO, the National Red Cross, Oxfam International, Amnesty International and the UN Experts Group on Youth.

Samah has published several op eds for The Guardian, News Limited and Fairfax publications, and has co-authored The Future by Us.