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Nishan David

Future Chaser

Nish is soulful. A philosopher. A searcher of the truth. He reflects often on his path. Nish is also on a diehard mission to unleash the creativity of young people for social good (or, as he puts it, ‘give rebels a cause’). He wants to disrupt the old ways of doing things, respectfully. This includes disrupting the way we engage with contribution and giving. Nish is the genuine article. We will all learn a great deal from him. If ever Nish floats himself on the stock market, buy shares.

Nishan David has spent the last six years designing fresh ways to engage young people with issues of social justice. He’s whipped out stand-up comedy routines in front of tens of thousands of teens for World Vision. He’s joined forces with Hollywood kids to host Mothers’ Day Makeovers on the streets of Skid Row. He’s blogged about the intersection of pop culture and change for Oxfam. He is also co-founder of Bloodless, a fashion label where every collection champions a new changemaker. First, they helped a guy named Charles build a business school for street kids in Papua New Guinea. Then they backed a bloke called Eliot to launch South Africa’s kookiest garbage truck service (he only uses donkeys). Finally, they supercharged Portia Morudi’s crusade to revive rural beekeeping across Africa.