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Lucinda Hartley

Future Chaser

Lucinda seeks first to understand. Then she thinks. Then she acts. With others. That’s how community development truly works. Listen, Think, Do, Learn, Reflect. Repeat. She has the remarkable ability to make the inaccessible, the complicated, the realm of the ‘expert’ accessible to ordinary people, in their everyday lives. Lucinda thinks about values and values-driven leadership. In my experience, she adds value wherever she goes. She is one of the most authentic leaders and human beings I have the pleasure to know.

Lucinda Hartley is an award-winning designer who is passionate about cities, and developing new approaches to urban revitalisation that are faster, cheaper and more fun. Trained as a landscape architect, Lucinda spent two years working in slum communities in Vietnam and Cambodia before launching CoDesign Studio, a non-profit social enterprise committed to helping disadvantaged communities to envision, design and implement neighbourhood improvement projects. Since its inception in 2010, CoDesign has delivered projects across five countries in Asia Pacific and engaged over 700 people.

Lucinda’s work in community development has received wide recognition, including the 2012 Jim Sinatra Leadership Award from the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects and an Asialink Sir Edward ‘Weary’ Dunlop Fellowship.