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James Reade

Future Chaser

James is an ordinary, extraordinary Aussie. The best kind. He believes in what is best and fair for everyone, including local community ownership and decision-making, and investing in young people. He puts his hand up. He leads by example. He contributes. He rocks the boat. He gets things done. He genuinely cares. After I interviewed James he said he was worried that he maybe hadn’t done as much, wasn’t as high an ‘achiever’, as the other Future Chasers. For this, and so many other reasons, we need more James Reades in the world.

James Reade has dedicated much of his life to helping others and building vibrant communities. At nineteen, he was elected a Councillor for the City of Greater Bendigo, making him one of Australia’s youngest ever elected Councillors. James served the Bendigo community for four years and loved getting involved in creating policies and strategies that planned for the future, especially for the needs of young people.

By the age of twenty-one, James was running two businesses, an event management company and a community development consulting business. He now works in politics as an Adviser to the Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs, Environment and Climate Change.

James has had a few stints at university and is currently halfway through a degree studying commerce and entrepreneurship.