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Elliott Costello

Future Chaser

Elliot has self-confidence and impatience. He backs himself. He is also smart: he never does anything alone. Always with a group of mates. And what company he keeps. Elliot has built a purpose-fuelled community of Gen Ys. A group much maligned for their sense of entitlement, Elliot and Co have proven everyone wrong about their so-called hedonistic, over-consuming lifestyles. They are deadly serious about their mission. They also have a lot of fun. After I interviewed Elliot he added a few things to his edited chapter to ‘spice it up’. Okay.

In 2008, Elliot Costello co-founded YGAP, a non-profit organisation aimed at inspiring social entrepreneurs to end poverty. YGAP has engaged thousands of young Australians in creative fundraising projects and innovative social enterprises: Kinfolk – Melbourne’s first social enterprise café; PhotoForFreedom – a photography social enterprise; Feast of Merit – a new restaurant in Richmond; stayLITTLE – a kids accessory company; and the 5cent Campaign which collected 2.7 million five cent coins in 2013.

Prior to taking on YGAP full-time, Elliot worked at both PricewaterhouseCoopers and PPB Advisory, building key skills that crafted his passion for taking a commercial approach to social problems. In doing so, Elliot has engineered and built CSR policies and subsequent foundations for three multi-national organisations.

Elliot has Bachelor of Commerce / Bachelor of Arts from Deakin University and a Masters of International Development from the University of Melbourne.