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Aaron Tait

Future Chaser

Aaron is understated, but supremely confident in his ability. He has reason to be. A soldier, a student, a traveller, an educator, an entrepreneur. All before the age of thirty. He epitomises the fast-emerging 21st-century global citizen. He has the focus and clarity of purpose derived from the discipline and rigour of working and living in institutions; resilience forged through tough times; and an embracing worldview formed through confronting humanity in extremis. Aaron has become a catalyst for others to realise dreams and transform their futures, and therefore ours.

Aaron Tait grew up in Perth, joined the Australian military at seventeen, saw active service in the Persian Gulf as an eighteen-year-old immediately after 9/11, ran a nightclub in Spain, married a girl from San Francisco, backpacked across the Americas, Asia and Europe, built an orphanage in Kenya and ran a secondary school for street kids in Tanzania.

Aaron is the Co-Founder and CEO Spark* International, a non-profit organisation that finds and enables local social entrepreneurs in Africa and the Pacific. He is also the co-founder of Education Changemakers, which works alongside exceptional teachers in some of the most challenging schools in Australia.

Aaron holds three Masters degrees, including an MPhil with distinction from the University of Cambridge.