COVID-19 Survey Results

COVID-19 Survey Results

In early April we asked you about your short and long-term concerns related to COVID-19, some possible solutions, and where you thought FYA was best placed to support. Here's what you said.

The purpose of the survey was to hear from our community during the COVID-19 public health crisis.

Major themes from responses were concerns for the economy, personal finance, the impact on education, mental health concerns, and how vulnerable communities will be impactedRespondents saw a place for FYA to be there to advocate, to educate, and to connect with other like-minded organisations.

What were people concerned about in the immediate future? 

The major themes in responses were related to education, studying, teaching or students welfare. The next most prevalent theme was concern over their own, or their organisation’s, financial position.

This could be linked to another theme around a concern for the economy. This touched on Australia’s nation-wide economy, but also micro economic factors such as the community and small business.

What were the concerns related to COVID-19 for the next 12-18 months? What are you most worried about?

Many key themes here were similar to those for immediate concerns, and included finances, the economy, mental health and a general feeling of uncertaintyHowever, the stand-out theme from respondents was an anxiety of what a post-COVID world would look like, or how Australia would “rebound” from the public health crisis.

The second major theme was again those in education worried about the long term effects of the lock-down on their sector. Teachers were concerned with learning consolidation during isolation. students worried about what the lock-down would mean for the future of their studies.

What areas do you feel we need to be talking about more?

Responses were very mixed and were often reflective of their own personal positions and roles. The major themes throughout the responses were similar to previous answers, covering mental health, economy and personal finances

The dominant theme however was economy and finance related, with respondents asking FYA to talk more about economic recovery, as well as the impact on “vulnerable communities” including young people.

What is the biggest impact you think FYA could make at this time?

Most responses fell into one or more of four distinct categories: For FYA to educate; to advocate; to share; and to tell stories

The most prominent theme was a desire for FYA to educate it’s audience in a number of different areas. Including: providing information on what is available to young people during this time. The other major theme was for FYA to advocate on behalf of young people’s interests as their voice may not be heard.

Many respondents wanted to keep receiving the stories written by young Australians about their thoughts and experiences. 

The last trend was a call to keep connected and to build networks with other organisations. Respondents recognised the importance of the youth org sector working together. But also for FYA to be a facilitator for connections between organisations and young people.