Healthy Relationships In Home And Community – A Photo Essay

Healthy Relationships In Home And Community – A Photo Essay

How can a vandalised toilet block become a symbol of positivity? That’s what Aboriginal street artist Shane Mankitya Cook and the Salisbury Youth Council in South Australia sought to explore in this collaborative art project about family violence.

The canvas is an old toilet block that was constantly vandalised in the local community skate park. The work acknowledges the importance of standing up and speaking out against domestic violence in the community and was produced in close consultation with youth and domestic violence groups in 2019.

The words incorporated into the design are ‘wellbeing’, ‘health’, ‘support’, ‘culture’, ‘self-care’, ‘respect’, ‘love’, and ‘effort’. These were brainstormed and chosen by young community members and represent what a supportive relationship at home looks like for them.

The artwork symbolises and brings awareness to what young people believe healthy relationships are and highlights a pathway to a brighter future.

Community involvement every step of the way means the story is for, by, and literally in the community.