Debunking The Myths About Working in Finance

Debunking The Myths About Working in Finance


When you think of working in finance, what comes to mind? Old, stuffy men in black suits? Infinite math equations? Being trapped in a small, poorly-lit office cubicle?

Thankfully, these narratives are way off the mark. They’re about as accurate as saying that the Hobbit films are better than the Lord of the Rings series. Well, we’ll leave movie preference up to you, but the reality is, a career in finance or as a Chartered Accountant offers so much more than these stereotypes suggest. It can be a stimulating, dynamic, and rewarding area to work in. 

The typical finance worker isn’t a person past their prime, waiting to hit retirement age. It’s actually someone like Rishi Kher: a young, enthusiastic, and family-orientated guy who started out in the world of accounting and truly ascended. Here’s how people like Rishi are debunking myths about working in finance.

Myth #1: Finance work is the same…all the time

Rishi’s first job was at a big accounting firm, Ernst and Young, that he landed through a cadetship program. There, he did all kinds of work: auditing, tax, and financial accounting. The work of an accountant shouldn’t be underestimated: it can truly make or break companies and organisations. Without them, businesses and not-for-profits of all shapes and sizes would be in a world of financial pain.

Myth #2: Accountants aren’t interesting

In his spare time, Rishi plays video-games and boxes with his brother, Rohan (the best gamer in the Kher household). That’s a far cry from what you’d expect an accountant to enjoy—things like chess, collecting stamps, or reading heavy textbooks on obscure topics. No no, Rishi is fascinating indeed.

Myth #3: Once an accountant, always an accountant

Rishi knew his start in accounting would open doors for him—in fact, too many to count. 

After learning the fundamentals as an accountant over eight years, Rishi got to talking with friends one night about the future. They came up with an ambitious idea to create a non-for-profit. It’s called Third Man Up and is all about hosting fun social and sporting events for young people. 

Those skills Rishi had built through being an accountant, such as financial management, communication, teamwork, and leadership were most definitely useful in setting up and running Third Man Up. 

But Rishi didn’t stop there. His next move was to get into the blockchain game—a new form of tech that he says ‘has the potential to shake up all industries’. Kind of like the way the internet changed everything. Rishi approached a start-up blockchain company with an offer to work for them in finance. He got the gig. 

Myth #4: There’s no flexibility with finance work

Rishi is now a Chief Financial Officer, a very important position in any company. And, what’s better, he can work from anywhere with the help of his laptop! As a result, Rishi gets his work for multiple businesses and clients done from the comfort of his local cafe. We told you dimly-lit cubicles were a thing of the past!

There are many great things about working as an accountant. You get to provide essential services to a range of clients to make sure they’re maximising their financial results, acting within the law, and operating efficiently. In the job, there’s plenty of room to meet new people and make good connections with your clients— who will undoubtedly be grateful for your assistance. 

You could find yourself working for a famous sporting club like Real Madrid FC, a top-tier accounting firm, or even as an accountant or financial advisor for your favourite celebrity. The possibilities are endless.


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