3 Ways To Have A DIY Festive Season

3 Ways To Have A DIY Festive Season

Since becoming ill seven years ago, chronic illness has changed Susie’s life. She found a positive outlet in crafty do-it-yourself projects and has some great ideas for how you can get creative for the holidays.

Over the years I have tried many different hobbies as an attempt to distract myself from my illnesses. One of the best things to come from this journey has been branching out and trying do-it-yourself projects. I felt that crafting was a constructive way to pass the time as I was creating something beautiful essentially from nothing. 

There is a sense of accomplishment in finishing a project, but more than that I was using different parts of my brain. Being creative has felt like therapy to me so I began to share it with others through my blog Find Your Own Hope.

Crafting is a wonderful way to practice self-care and mindfulness as it takes you out of your busy world to solely focus on something else. 

I hope these three crafty ideas can bring you some peace during the hectic holiday season! I have used recycled materials, ribbon, decorations and things I found at home. But I also recommend checking out op-shops for materials because it’s a wonderful way to think sustainably this time of year.

DIY 1: Napkin bunting

Duration: 10 minutes 

Step 1: Grab your napkins, ruler and pencil and start by drawing two diagonal lines on each napkin (from one corner to the other) in the shape of a triangle. Cut as many flags as you like. 

Step 2: Grab your ribbon and hot glue the top of your napkin flags onto the ribbon. Make sure your ribbon and napkins are facing the right way. Leave about 10cm between each flag and don’t forget to leave about 25cm of room at each end to tie them into bows.

Step 3: Wait for it to dry and then it is ready to hang up. Hang it in your doorway, on your windows or on your mantelpiece… the options are endless!


DIY 2: Reindeer Planter

Duration: 15 minutes 

Step 1: Trace some reindeer antlers (or any shape or design, really!) onto your cardboard and cut the antlers or shape out. I just drew mine free-hand but if you are a bit scared grab a clip art picture off Google and trace it on.

Step 2: Hot glue your antlers and Rudolf nose pom-pom (or other decorations) onto your planter. It’s best to glue on the inside of your planter so you can’t see the join!

I decided to keep mine more minimalist but another option is to paint or glue on some eyes.

DIY 3: Pom Pom Christmas Tree

Duration: 20 minutes 

Step 1: Line the base of your cone-shaped tree with pom-poms, play around with colours and patterns, and once you are ready, start hot-gluing each pom-pom. Work your way up the cone base to the top row by row and leave a little room at the top for your star. 

Step 2: Use your green pen and cut up small bits of pipe cleaners to fill in any gaps where you can still see the white styrofoam peaking through—usually there is a little space at the top of the tree, so keep your eyes out for that!

Step 3: Hot glue your mini-star decoration to the top and wait for it to dry. Voila!

So there you have it. If you recreate any of these DIYs please tag @fya_org and @findyourownhope on Instagram so we can see your wonderful creations! Happy holidays and happy crafting.