CEO Jan Owen interview with SEEK’s Talent Talks podcast

CEO Jan Owen interview with SEEK’s Talent Talks podcast

After a recent keynote presentation at the World Employment Conference on the Gold Coast, FYA CEO Jan Owen AM sat down with SEEK’s Hamish Coutts to talk about what FYA’s research says about the changing world of work and its implications for young people.


Unpacking the key findings of FYA’s New Work Reality research report, Jan highlights that it’s taking young people 2.6 years to transition into full-time work from full-time education. 

The report identifies four accelerators that can quicken the transition into full-time work. These include:

  • Courses teaching enterprise skills like problem solving, teamwork and communication. This can increase the speed of entry to working full-time hours by 17 months.
  • Combining study and work in a job that will provide opportunities to explore their desired area of work. This can speed up the transition to full-time work by 12 months when 5,000 hours of paid employment are completed.
  • Employment within an area of work which has strong growth future prospects can speed up the transition by 5 months.
  • An optimistic mindset and strong well-being by age 18. This can accelerate the transition by up to two months faster than a young person who is unhappy or not confident with their career prospects before leaving school.

For more insights into the research and what support young people need in a changing world of work, listen to the full interview above.  

Republished with permission from SEEK Talent Talks.