What’s Changed In 60 Years Of First Dates?

What’s Changed In 60 Years Of First Dates?

Sally’s brother went along on hers. Marcus didn’t even know he was on one. So much about our world has changed in 60 years, but what about the art of the first date? Katherine was curious so she asked five people aged 18 to 75 to share their weird and wonderful dating memories.

There are many things that separate us from the generations that have come before, and those that will come after us. But we will all be young once, and for many of us, being young brings with it the trials and tribulations of our very first love.

Dating can range from a perfectly planned courtship to simple hangouts with someone you like. Regardless, I think the first date is always so distinct. I was curious to find out how the experience has changed over the years.

Bella – 18

Bella met Laura when she was just 15 and the two were friends for a year before their relationship blossomed into something more.

“We argue about this all the time, because I think she made the first move and she thinks I did–but I would say that she made the first move. She was always a bit more forward.”

For their first ‘official’ date they trekked to a waterfall to do a mermaid-inspired photoshoot.

“We had to hike with my tail for six kilometres, and Laura nearly fell into the waterfall. It was a funny first date, but it was good.”

Marcus – 29

At age 14, Marcus didn’t actually know he was on a first date. He’d thought far enough ahead to be at the cinema on time but it would be several weeks before it clicked that he was with a potential girlfriend.

“Honestly, I never really knew what our first date was, I was never actually told.”

When asked about first date expectations, Marcus explained that all they really knew about was what happened in the movies.

“You had hopes more than expectations,” he said.

Donna – 52

Donna was 17 when she had her first date. It was a trip to the movies, a tavern dinner and tenpin bowling!

“He was a gentleman,” she said, “He asked if he could hold my hand on the way to the bowling alley and he walked me to my train so I didn’t have to wait by myself.”

Sally – 58

Sally’s brother chaperoned her on her first date when she was just 15.

“It was a bit awkward making out with my date in the back of my brother’s panel van, but my brother was with his girlfriend too so it was fine.”

At the end of the date, they shared a kiss goodnight and stayed together for five months.

Elizabeth – 75

Elizabeth started dating when she was 14.

“I was already working then, and I never drove–so if I wanted to go somewhere I had to have a boyfriend!”

Although she had her first date in her early teens, she counts her first love as her husband of 55 years, who she met at work when she was 17.

 “He took me into a drive-in movie theatre, we went there a lot. I remember one night the fog came down and we got a free pass to come another night.”

“It was so different back then; it’s a different world. People don’t seem to go courting so much now as they did then, which is a shame I think.”