The Winner Of The 2019 Unleashed Storyteller Award Is…

The Winner Of The 2019 Unleashed Storyteller Award Is…

The annual Unleashed Awards are all about recognising the impact young people are making across the country. This year, we celebrated the power of stories through the inaugural Storyteller Award. Check out the winner and high commendations!

Stories are in us and all around us. They help us connect, make meaning of our world and experiences, and they can make a huge difference in creating positive change for communities. That’s why, for the first time, the 2019 Unleashed Awards set out to celebrate young storytellers in all forms.

The Storyteller Award recognises young people aged 15-29 who produce stories (written, photos, video, music, illustration or painting) inspired by lived experience, community issues or something they’re passionate about. We were blown away by the quality storytelling of all nominations and are very proud to congratulate the first winner and high commendations of this new category.

And the winner is...No War by Godefroid Mubali | NSW

Godefroid Mubali | Photo credit: Harjono Djoyobisono 

Godefroid arrived in Australia in 2017 as a refugee from Malawi. He found that people in his community of Wodonga didn’t know much about the struggles that people of war are facing around the world. Godefroid draws upon his personal experiences of war, and he expresses this through song to educate his peers, family and community about the effects and realities of war and conflict. Godefroid believes that music is the best way to bring these issues to light because it allows his audience to empathise with the story. He aims to educate the community of Wodonga that it’s innocent, everyday people that are most affected by conflict, and that they deserve freedom.

Listen to Godefroid’s track below.

High Commendations

One by Ella Avni | NSW

Ella grew up in a community that she felt displayed a lot of ignorance towards multiculturalism, and noticed a lack of representation of diversity in her community on the Central Coast of New South Wales. The 16-year-old wrote One to illustrate diversity while showing that we are intrinsically connected through our voice and humanity. Ella used poetry to share the stories of culturally diverse young people in her community in order to facilitate a more accepting future. The poetry shows people the beauty in multiculturalism and the importance of being proud of your roots and where you came from. Each story is connected by a red string, symbolic of empowerment and passion, something which connects us all, no matter our story. We are all connected by our humanity. 

Download Ella’s story here


MATAGI by Pacific Climate Warriors | QLD

Indigenous people make up 5% of the world’s population and yet they protect 80% of its biodiversity. Indigenous people have the wisdom and knowledge to tackle the climate crisis, but their voices are not always heard in the mainstream. As young Pasifika people living in Brisbane, away from their ancestral homelands, Brisbane Pacific Climate Warriors know that climate change threatens their right to return home and reconnect. Matagi shifts the narrative. Indigenous people are not mere victims of climate change, they are warriors, surviving and thriving despite climate change. By highlighting the faces and voices of local Pacific warriors, Brisbane Pacific Climate Warriors are reclaiming their narrative and elevating the stories of those on the front-line of the climate crisis.

Meet the 2019 winners and high commendations for all nine award categories. Keep any young changemakers you know in mind for next year’s nominations!