We’re Backing Young People In The Global Climate Strike

We’re Backing Young People In The Global Climate Strike

This Friday 20 September, young people across the globe will take a stand on an issue that matters to them. It is more critical than ever that we back them in their pursuit of change.

The upcoming Global Climate Strike, happening three days before the UN Climate Action Summit, will see young people leave school, university and work to gather in major towns and cities across Australia and the world to demand urgent climate action from our politicians.

As an organisation committed to backing all young Australians, the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) supports young people’s efforts to make their voices heard.

Now is the time to listen. Now is the time to get behind them.

FYA knows that many young people see climate change as one of the biggest problems facing our world, and they are already hurting from its impacts.

Young Australians are leading national initiatives such as the Australian Youth Climate Coalition and Seed, the Indigenous youth climate network. They are clear on the change they want to see, have demanded action from their leaders, and continually find innovative and creative ways of responding to this global challenge.

Young people have a right to demand their future is handled responsibly and ethically. We are backing them in their right to stand up for what they believe in, and as the creators of the equitable and just future they want to see. We stand with them.

Head to the School Strike 4 Climate website to attend a Global Climate Strike event in your area.