FYA’s Online Community Guidelines

FYA’s Online Community Guidelines

Thanks for joining the FYA community! We’re here to help start some conversations, help people find an online community and provide an opportunity for young people to tell their stories to an audience online.

Our social media pages exist to develop and distribute content to our community and people who care about what young Australians are doing, feeling and thinking. We’re here to amplify the voices of young Australians.

We’re always seeking stories. If there’s something you’re particularly passionate about and want it to get it heard, send a short pitch to newsroom@fya.org.au.

We really want to create great discussions and welcome different ideas and opinions. More often than not, we will let healthy debates play out in the comments section of our posts. We’re all for free speech. However we will remove any posts or comments that undermine the purpose of our social media channels, or:

· Are aggressive, insulting, violent or abusive
Violent means content that bears an intention to hurt, damage, or kill someone or something, or suggests violence against individuals or groups.
· Are rude or make defamatory remarks against others
Defamatory means content that damages the good reputation of someone, and inhibits them from succeeding socially and economically.
· Are racist, sexist or discriminatory
These are posts that degrade, diminish or distress people based on race, culture, religion, gender, sexual preference of socio-economic standing.
· Are hateful, or incite hate or offence
· Appear to be spam

Our social media pages are places for stories, discussions and debate, not hate. We want our community members to feel safe and empowered.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about anything on our website, please email us at digital@fya.org.au