Is Your Gig In Hospo Or Retail Skilled Or Unskilled Work?

Is Your Gig In Hospo Or Retail Skilled Or Unskilled Work?

You don’t always need formal qualifications to get work in industries like hospitality and retail. Does that mean the work is unskilled? We put the question to our online community of young Australians, and over 260 of you responded. The verdict? Skilled all the way.

After 268 responses to our online polls, we had a clear winner. The majority of those surveyed see work in the hospitality or retail industries as skilled work.

One community member said,  “All work is skilled. All work has its own policies and procedures and I personally think that’s what makes it skilled.” Although, others considered it unskilled. One commenter said, “Any job a 14 year-old can pick up with no formal training is not skilled work.” 

According to our New Work Mindset report, when a young person trains or works in one job, they acquire skills that will help them get 13 other jobs. That’s why we see all jobs as opportunities to build skills!

Some of the most valuable skills, that is, soft or enterprise skills are those that can be developed by working in hospitality and retail. Skills like strong communication can be developed through working as a shop assistant and engaging with a range of customers. Teamwork can be strengthened by dividing roles and shifts if you work at a supermarket, and problem-solving is something almost every role in hospitality and retail will demand and strengthen in workers. So be sure that some of the most sought-after enterprise skills are being developed every time you work the floor or serve a customer.

Do you work in hospitality or retail? What kinds of skills is it helping you develop? Email us and tell your story. 

Responses have been edited for clarity and brevity.