What will the Coalition’s third term mean for young Australians?

What will the Coalition’s third term mean for young Australians?

The Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) congratulates the Coalition on their re-election to Government in 2019. The next three years provide the opportunity for young people to be a focus for our leaders and policy makers in all work they do.

We are delighted to see the appointment of a Minister for Youth and Sport in Senator Richard Colbeck. A dedicated resource to the needs of young people across Australia is pivotal in supporting them as the social, economic and environmental landscape changes. While a youth minister is a positive step towards supporting young people, FYA would like to see a commitment to young people across all Coalition Government portfolios, ensuring they are a primary consideration across all policy areas.

We also congratulate reappointed Minister for Education Dan Tehan, who is tasked with boosting the outcomes of Australian students, working closely with early childhood educators, states, territories and tertiary education providers.

Reflecting on commitments made in the 2019 Federal Budget by Treasurer Josh Frydenberg back in April, FYA welcomes the Coalition’s plan to create 250,000 jobs for young people and invest in the Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector and apprenticeships.

We look forward to seeing the establishment of a National Skills Commission, National Careers Institute and the appointment of their ambassadors, additional commitments made in the Coalition’s 2019 Budget. This will support the embedding of skills of the future in Government strategy and our nation’s education institutions.

These are two of many steps required to address the fact that, as FYA research revealed earlier this year, almost 1 in 3 young Australians are unemployed or underemployed, despite Governments investing $91 billion annually in education and training.

This high rate of youth unemployment is a continued lost opportunity for the Australian economy of more than $4.5 billion each year, making it not just a problem for young people, but a national economic issue.

FYA believes that now, more than ever, redress is needed by Australian governments, young people, industry, educational institutions and leading thinkers to ensure young people are prepared for the future of work.

As such, in the first 100 days of office, FYA is calling on the Coalition Government to endorse our Future Skills Framework—a national, integrated approach to ensure young Australians are equipped with the skills and resources they need to thrive.

These preliminary 100 days are an opportunity to deliver on the promises made to young people in the Federal Budget and during the election. We look forward to seeing them come to fruition.


Please contact FYA’s Newsroom Manager, Izzy Tolhurst via 0423 777 904 or izzy.tolhurst@fya.org.au for further information.