That’s a wrap! Young people tell all #SnagMyVote

That’s a wrap! Young people tell all #SnagMyVote

As the sizzles of barbeques around Australia quieten and the final votes of the 2019 federal election are counted, it appears that the Coalition has snagged themselves a majority government despite national pre-election opinion polls predicting the contrary.

We know that a record 1.69 million young people aged 18-24 enrolled to vote in the election, making up around 10.3% of all Australians enrolled. Although we are yet to know the official turnout numbers of young voters, our #SnagMyVote campaign was a firm reminder that young people are informed, engaged, and keen to speak out on the issues they care about.

#SnagMyVote was all about amplifying young people’s voices by calling them to share what issues would win their votes in the election on social media. Young people and youth organisations from around the country got behind the campaign, highlighting the diversity of issues that drove young Australians and those who support them to the polls.


















Hayley McQuire from the Australian Capital Territory told us she wanted to see “Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination at all levels of our education system.” For Cat Nadel from Victoria, her vote was about “government action that will set our generation up to find stable, secure and purposeful employment and support us to survive when we can’t get it”. More young #SnagMyVote voices stressed the need for change surrounding gender equality and taxation laws.

The leader of the pack was climate action, and Genevieve French from Victoria was one of many young people making it known. “Economic growth does not need to be at the expense of our environment. This election, I want to see a government willing to think a little outside the box and invest in new solutions and research that can support a more sustainable future for Australia.”

With an overwhelming majority of support for the Greens in the nation’s youngest electorate of Melbourne – 72.6% of total votes with a 3.5% increase on the previous election in 2016 – it is clear that young voters want to see this pressing issue reflected in the policies that will shape our country for the next three years, and beyond.

Photo credit: GQ Australia

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